Thursday, May 10, 2012

Card Stock Storage

Organization always seems to be a challenge for me - I like things to be organized and in their place, but how do I end up with piles of stuff everywhere??

When I'm stamping, I know that I get into the creativity of everything and before I know it, I've got stamps, inks and papers piled everywhere!  Then, I'm usually too tired to clean up the mess and so it sits until the next time I want to stamp.  Then I have to clean up before starting another project!  Does anyone else have this problem??

Well, one thing I do have organized and it seems to be working really well is my paper storage system.  The plastic bin has hanging files and I have created one file per color.  You'll notice that some files have folders in them - this is where I keep my scraps of that color (yes, I file the scraps back into their color folder).

Now, keep in mind that when I'm in a hurry creating, guess what I do?  I end up stacking the scraps in a pile on the files!  I guess as long as it gets filed sooner or later, what's it gonna hurt?

Click here to check the video on how I organize my card stock.

Happy stamping and creating!

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