Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meet My New Friend

SU! is her name (short for Stampin' Up!, of course).  For convention this year, Stampin' Up! challenged all attendees with a video commercial contest and this is what we came up with!  Can you tell who she's related to??

We had a blast creating several different commercials with SU! as our star!  One commercial has been submitted to Stampin' Up! - keep your fingers crossed that's it's a winner!  (I will post all the videos for you to watch soon!)

Not only did it take several demonstrators put the the commercials together, I even roped in my dear friends, Linda and Loyd, to help us.  Thank you both for willing to be crazy with the rest of us!  You guys are the best!!

Happy stamping and creating!


  1. It's Flo from the Geico commercials! Can't wait to see your commercial videos...LOL.

  2. Well, you're half right! It is Flo but since we couldn't convince Janet to wear a gecko costume, we had to go with the Progressive insurance mascot! Ha!Ha!