Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crystal Effects

Today I wanted to share a product with you that can be easily over looked when you're looking through your catalog - Crystal Effects.  This stuff is amazing and is so easy to use!

Crystal Effects is an easy way to add dimension to any project.  It creates a glossy, lacquered look over images and it also works great as an adhesive.  The lid has also been redesigned to keep the glue from getting stuck in the applicator.  Way to go Stampin' Up!  (I really appreciate a company that makes a good product even better!)

Check out how adding a little Crystal Effects on the "buttons" of this Santa card really makes them shine!  It might be hard to tell from the picture but there is actually a little "dome" on each one.

Doesn't it look wet?  
It's such a neat effect - it's Crytstal Effects!

Happy Stamping!

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