Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Bit of Spring Card Idea

I recently purchased this stamp set called Little Bit of Spring from the Spring Catalog and I can't wait to use it!  Isn't it the cutest?

Outline sets like this one lend themselves to water coloring.  It doesn't take much color to make the image come to life.  Look at this sample below from Stampin' Up! Can you see how adding just a hint of color to the bunny and his shirt really add dimension to this little guy? 

Today's the day I'm going to get out all my water coloring tools and play!  Have you ever done any water coloring with stamped images?  There are several different ways to water color and it's something you just have play with and decide which way you like best.

Get out some scratch paper and give these different water color techniques a try:
  • The quickest and easiest way for me to water color is to use blender pens and ink pads.  All you do is lightly touch the blender pen to the ink pad to pick up the color.  Then color the image.  You'll notice the color starts as an intense color and then gets lighter and lighter.  To switch colors, wipe the blender pen until it goes clear and you're ready for the next color.
  • If the color with blender pens is too harsh for you, try using a paint brush with water and the ink pads. My friend and fellow demonstrator, Marilyn, is the queen of water coloring.  I'm just amazed at the beautiful images she creates.  Basically, you do the same thing with the paint brush as you did with the blender pen.  Get the brush damp and lightly touch the brush to the corner of the ink pad and then "paint" the image.  I also recommend that any time you use water for water coloring, use heavy weight water color paper.
  • Aqua painters are another great option because instead of dipping a brush in the water, the water is stored in the barrel of the painter.  Simply pick up the color from the ink pad and "paint".  Aqua painters work best on the water color paper.

Well, I'm off to go give some of these ideas of try with my new spring stamp set!  I'll be sharing my creations soon!

Happy Stamping!

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