Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Stampin' Up! Booth at the Scrapbook Expo Grapevine 2013

This past weekend was a blast at the Scrapbook Expo at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine!  Our first clue that we were in a BIG show was when we pulled my mini van to the loading dock of the Gaylord and there were 18 wheelers and trucks with huge trailers all getting ready to unload.  I carefully backed in my van down the long lane to the loading dock.  When I opened my back hatch, I had to hand our stuff up to Sharon who stood on the dock who began making a pile for us.  We watched as everyone else had forklifts and shipping containers on wheels that all neatly rolled off their rigs onto the dock.

Oh boy!  What had we gotten ourselves into?  We were even told we had 30 minutes to get everything off the dock and into our booth and then we needed to move our car.  Imagine 2 women, piling everything up on a dolly, walking as fast as we could to move all our bags, rolly carts and boxes to our booth.  What a sight!

Well, all the work was worth it!  Over the course of the two-day show, there were almost 2900 people who came through!  We met tons of fun ladies who were just as excited about paper, stamping and scrapbooking as we were!

There really wasn't much "down" time to speak of, but when I finally caught my breath (usually towards the end of the day), I snapped a few quick pictures of our booth.

Over the course of the show, we gave away over 200 "take-n-make" projects, around 100 each of the spring catalog, annual catalog and the Sale-a-Bration brochures, and hundreds of copies of our class schedules and events.  (We seriously underestimated how many people would be coming by the booth!)

Something funny to note about the pictures.  Notice in the first picture, our banner is hung nicely along the back wall of our booth.  In the second picture, the middle part of the banner fell down and in the last picture, not only did the banner sag more, the poles began to fall down, too!  By the evening on the second day, I thought that the look of our booth spoke volumes about the way Sharon and I felt - we were all falling apart!

Now after having slept all day (and I even got a massage today!), I'm finally feeling rested!  

Sharon and I are already making plans for next year and I think by then, I'll be recovered enough to back my van down the loading dock once again!

Happy Stamping!

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