Monday, September 9, 2013

Create Your Own Envelopes with the Envelope Punch Board

Have you ever spent your time creating a card only to realize you didn't have the right size envelope for it?  Now with the Envelope Punch Board, you can create 66 different size envelopes and you'll never be without the right size envelope again!  Imagine all the possibilities when you use Designer Paper as well as card stock!

  • The Envelope Punch Board is super easy to use!   All you do is measure for the first punch and from there you just turn and score.
  • It's small and lightweight which makes it portable and easy to take with you wherever you go!
  • It has a slick scoring tool as well as a punch that lets you create rounded corners on your envelope.
  • It's easy to keep it all together;  the stylus storage compartment and two punches are designed into the tool so you don't have a bunch of pieces to keep track of (even the instructions are printed right on the tool so you don't lose them!)
  • It will be in next year's catalog, so the tool is here to stay!
  • The price is terrific;  Especially for a punch that does so much! ($19.95 US

    Who's ready to create some custom envelopes?  With the Envelope Punch Board, you'll never be without the perfect envelope for all your different size cards!   Order yours today!

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