Thursday, September 4, 2014

School Work and Paper Crafting Meet!

Our homeschool is off to a great start this year and I think it's because we've started the year paper crafting!  How could things go wrong when we're cutting, gluing and creating?  (Just a few of my favorite things!)

We have been studying about ancient Egypt and as we read different facts and information, we create a little mini-book and add it to our books!

The kids have worked hard on these lapbooks and I love that they serve as not only a way to record interesting facts, but they'll be something the kids will be able to look at and read again for years to come!

We've got one more lapbook in the works and it's all about Washington, D.C.  We're preparing for a trip to D.C. and each day we read about the different museums, monuments and sights we're going to visit while we're there.  It's a great way to keep all the information in one place and when we return home we'll be adding pictures from our adventures in the books, as well.

Crafting and creating can come in many different forms and I love that it's a part of our homeschooling day!

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