Monday, February 9, 2015

Leadership 2015 Samples and Swaps

I wasn't sure the best way to show you all the swaps and samples I saw at Leadership 2015 since there were SO many pictures I wanted to share.  So, as you'll see, I've posted a TON here and I've also posted more on my StampinTexas Facebook Page (so if by the time you finish scrolling through all these pictures and you haven't gone blind, you can find more pictures there!).

Hold on to your hat and here we go!!


Are you still with me?


Just keeps scrolling......scrolling.........scrolling..........   (Can you hear Dori singing that tune in your head?)

What do you think of all these samples so far?  There are some pretty creative and crafty stampers out there!!


 Hello?  Is anyone still out there??

 I tried to warn you!

Are you still there??

Did you make it this far?  I told you it was a bunch, didn't I?  And, the scary thing is that I still have more pictures!  YIKES!   I think you get the idea!  At least I hope you found a few ideas here! 

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