Tuesday, February 12, 2019

God Bless Texas - Cards for Texas Representatives and Senators

Here in Texas the 86th Legislature Regular Session has begun down in Austin, Texas. Now, I've never been one to be up on all the "goings-on" in Austin but I do know that our elected representatives and senators have a big job before them. 

So, I got an idea in my head to mail each representative and senator a card to just let them know that there are people in Texas who appreciate what they're doing and are praying for them. 

Guess what I didn't figure out until I started this project? There are 150 representatives in Texas and 31 senators! Oh boy!And, that didn't even include our governor Greg Abbott! Needless to say, I needed to call in reinforcements. Thank goodness for friends willing to help out!

Here's the card we worked on together:

When people gather together for a common cause, big things can happen! The six of us assembled 194 cards in one afternoon! Whew! It was a marathon card making day!

We had quite the assembly line going!

These cards should be going in the mail later this week. I'm excited to see what God will do through these cards. They are meant to lift up the men and women in office without any agenda, just letting them know that their work is appreciated and we're praying for them.

No matter who is in office (and if we agree with their policies or not), we need to lift up our leaders and pray for them. They're willing to serve our cities, states, and nation. And for that, I am proud!

Happy Stamping,

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