Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Ink Pads are Amazing!

With the new catalog came new Firm Foam Ink pads!  I am amazed at how easy they are to use.  I'm so used to tapping my stamp all over the ink pad and now it literally is one gently "tap" on the new ink pad and the stamp is inked!  I'm going to have to retrain myself not to ink it up so much.

This past weekend during my BOGO sale, participants had the opportunity to try out the new pads for themselves.  Everyone was like I was - amazed!  Amazed at how easy and how well the ink covers the stamp!

On the bottom of each ink pad is the name label for the pad.

Stampin' Up! has created a video to show you all the features of these new ink pads.

Once you try them, you'll be hooked!


  1. LOVE 'EM! I used the new stamp pads at the BOGO sale and was amazed - it truly only takes one GENTLE tap to be fully inked. Then, I came home and made cards later in the weekend using the old stamp pads...let me just say it took me 3 times and lots of tapping to get a clean image that had enough ink on it, and even then it was kind of iffy. I can't wait to get my order with the new pads in it!

  2. I know I'll be switching my pads out over time. We'll also be using the new ink pads during stamp club this month!