Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank Goodness for my Back- Up: Carol Logan!

The past three weeks have gone a little smoother since the arrival of my intern Carol!

Carol is a Junior at Texas Christian University where she majors in Public Relations/ Advertising. 
I met Carol through my church, where she works as my kids' Sunday School teacher. They really do love "Miss Carol." She came in one Sunday morning worried about finding an internship that suited her needs. She told me what she was looking for and I thought to myself " What if she worked with me?" I explained to her what I did and how I market myself and I asked her if it was what she was looking for! She said "Absolutely- that is PR!" (What a huge blessing to have her help me! - Thank you Carol!)

I was thrilled- and so were the kids! 

So, we have been hitting the ground running ever since our partnership began! Carol has been helping me with everything! She has been writing blog posts, updating Facebook, sorting orders, working on Youtube, taking photos, and of course helping me Stamp! She really has been a lifesaver. Carol is a quick learner who always has new ideas. She is also extremely personable, hardworking, intelligent, and just simply lovable!

Also, it has been really insightful to get the help of a person who was unfamiliar with Stampin'. It has been nice to be able to get her take on ideas to encourage those who don't know anything about it to learn! Plus, seeing her make projects and cards for the first time is hilarious- she gets really into it! 

Stampin' Up! really is for everyone. One day my husband asked " Does Carol really like the Stampin' side of things since she is PR minded?" I replied by saying "Wait untill you see her in a Stamp Class... Believe me, She is into it."


  1. You two make a great team and Carol is delightful! It was great to meet her today at Stamp Club.

  2. That's awesome! what a great gal :) I wish i had a friend like her!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments! I think we make a great team too!