Friday, July 13, 2012

Stampin' 101: Reflections of a Stampin' Newbie

Hi Stampers!

My name is Carol- I'm Christi's summer intern. I am completely new to stamping and really didn't know what it was! But- thanks to Christi- I have learned a TON! Not only about things regarding my major (PR and marketing) - but about stamping and creating! I remember asking Christi what she loved about stamping and a big smile came across her face as she said "Stamping' is whatever you want it to be - cards, gift ideas, scrapbooks, anything with paper and ink!"

I went to my first Stamp Club about a month ago and made my first card. I was SO excited about creating that I ended up OVER- decorating.....yikes! But, I really did enjoy it. I know that it sounds cliche, but stamping really is for everyone. I knew that this was something that I could see myself doing outside of this internship.

I remember the first time I sat down with the catalog and looked through it- I wanted EVERYTHING. I was amazed and excited about all of the great ideas, cute stamps, and fun papers there were! But, then it hit me that I didn't know where to even begin! I loved all of these cute stamp sets, but didn't have paper, ink, or mounting blocks at home. But then I worried that I would go broke buying everything that I wanted! But, I thought about it for a second... I spend anywhere from $2.75- $4.50 PER card when I buy pre-made. I realized everyone should be making their own cards- we are in a recession! I think people see the prices and don't realize how much one pack of card stock will go or how long one glue stick will last (without drying out!)   (One pack of card stock can make up to 48 cards!!  Wow!)

Christi has helped me get started. I watched her make numerous different types of cards and I saw what she needed and used the most. It is from observing and creating that I started to see what the essentials were. So, I sat down with her as I thought about what to order and told her that I just wanted to start off buying the essentials. She helped guide me to what those would be. Then we thought that others might need the same help and guidelines!  So, that's how this week of Stampin' 101 blog posts came about.  I knew we had to get others stamping but didn't want people to feel overwhelmed.

I love stamping! I am a college kid who believes in sending a card over sending a text! I love showing the people I care about just how much I care by giving them something handmade. 

I really do hope that this Stampin' 101 has been helpful and encouraging as you begin your stamping journey!

Ready to stamp?  Browse the catalog and place your order today.  Let's get stamping!

If you have any questions please leave a comment or E-Mail me.

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