Monday, September 10, 2012


Life has been a little CRAZY for me lately and I didn't want you all to think I've just dropped off the face of the earth.  Thanks for hanging in there as I try to get my blog back up to speed.  In the midst of all the craziness, I just haven't had any time to create new projects (I need my stamp time!) and there are so many projects I want to get done!

The past couple of weeks we've been trying to get my son signed up for a new online school and man, oh man, is there a LOT of paper work!!  So, in addition to running my full-time stamping business from home, I'll now have Matthew home with me doing his school work online.  It will be an adjustment for sure as I try to figure out a new schedule that will work for both of us.  Kids are my first priority and I know this is a better avenue for Matthew's schooling.  I'm excited about this new adventure!!

While all this schooling stuff has been going on, I had 3 stamping classes last week - a new stamp club that I'm super excited about as well as my Birthday card stamp-a-stack event.  Thank goodness for my friend and fellow stamper, Melissa, who has been helping me prepare for my card events.  She cut and prepared for 240 cards for the Birthday class!!  WOW!  I couldn't do it without her!

Then my weekend began with a tree branch falling on my hubby, dislocating his finger and hitting him on the head on Saturday before we were scheduled to leave for the first TCU football game of the season!!  He pushed through the pain to attend the game (true TCU fan who bleeds purple!).

"Fear the Frog" banner that the fans held!  Too cool!!

Well, Sunday morning he woke up to a finger that was twice it's size so on his way to church, he stopped at the fire department to have his ring cut off.  After church was a trip to the doctor to have x-rays!  Oh brother!  See how my weekend just goes??  When am I supposed to find an hour of uninterrupted time to create?  It just wasn't going to happen!

But, you know what?  I guess that's life sometimes!  Some days you just have to roll with the punches and get through the best you can.

Thank you all for hanging in there as I get back on track with my blog and creating new projects for you to enjoy!! Here are a few pics of some TCU cards and bookmarks I've been working on for a craft show.  What do you think??

Happy Stamping & Creating!

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