Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Store Framelits and Embossing Folders - Storage Tips

In re-organizing my supplies (once again), I needed a better way to store my Framelits and Embossing Folders other than having them in a wicker basket.  The basket was ok but invariably I would have to dig and take out all the sets until I finally found the one I was looking for.  See for yourself:

When I purchased my first two Framelits sets (the Hearts Collection and the Labels Collection), I thought I would store them in our clear mount stamp cases with a magnetic sheet to hold them in place.  Now, I do like this idea but, honestly, I do not have the time to transfer all my Framelits over into these cases (and somehow my Framelits sets have multiplied!).  This was the first and only case I put together for the Hearts Collection and Labels Collection.

I even slid the paper from the original packaging into the plastic sleeve of the clear mount stamp case so I could just glance at it and see what set is inside.

So, after sitting there for a bit, I got to thinking that maybe the Framelits would fit in the storage boxes that were originally designed to store the Big Shot dies.  I figured it was worth a try.   And guess what?  It worked!  I'm thrilled that I can see the names of the Framelits sets and it makes it so easy to put my hand on exactly what I'm looking for.  Now I have a quick, simple and easy way to store your Framelits and embossing folders in one place!  I have always liked these boxes for my Big Shot dies and now I love like them even more for Framelits and embossing folders, too!!

How easy is that?  No repackaging!  No transferring anything - just simply slide in the set and it will be easy to find!

I found that the medium sized boxes work best for storing the Framelits and embossing folders.

Some of my embossing folders are tall, so I used the divider insert (that comes with each box) and they lean back slightly so I can still put the lid on the box.  I put a couple dies in the back so you can see how they can all be stored in the same place.

Are you ready to get organized, too?
Now you have a simple solution for storing your Framelits and embossing folders, too!  Check out the entire line of storage solutions through my online store.

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