Monday, May 19, 2014

Cruise in Review - Swaps Part 1

Are you ready to see some of the amazing swaps I received while on the cruise?  The creativity was over-the-top!  (Just a reminder: Get your FREE copy of the new 2014 - 2015 Annual Catalog!  Click here to see how!)

This adorable little mini album was one of the first swaps in my bag that I saw.  It was created by Andrea Martin and Annemarie Nussbaumer from Germany.  Isn't this amazing?  The outside is so detailed and just wait until you see the little book inside!

This is the book that slides out  and each page has pictures and text about her Stampin' Up! journey.  WOW!  I was blown away by her creativity!

 This is a slider card and when you pull the ribbon on top...

the message on the top and the message below appear!  What a creative card!  It was created by Silvia Werner who is also from Germany.

Isn't this card pretty?  I love the gold sequins and the Gold Baker's Twine.  This adorable card was created by Janet Wakeland.

Then, as I'm looking through my bag of swaps, I come across this cute calendar inside a CD holder.  Didn't I tell you these were over the top?  I can't believe Cheryl O'Bree made 26 of these!  What a wonderful gift!  I'll be using this handy little calendar on my desk, for sure!

Here's what the calendar looks like when it's sitting up.  And, I love the fact that she made the calendar for July of 2014 through June of 2015 (this is the Stampin' Up! fiscal year and it's very helpful to have a calendar that match!).

Don't you agree that these are some pretty amazing swaps?  Whenever I think that I'm not going to participate in a swap like this, I'm reminded just how cool it is to have these amazing swaps from demonstrators around the world!

More swaps to come...

Happy Stamping!

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  1. Hi and thanks for talking so nicely about my swap! I am just going through mine and visited your blog since I've got yours, too :-) I like how you put the 2013/2014 In Colors together and am particularly fond of the vintage button. Thanks for swapping with me! ~ Annemarie