Friday, May 16, 2014

Cruise in Review - Trying New Things

Two of the most exciting things I tried on the incentive trip this year was the Flo Rider and the Zip Line.  Wow!  Both of these activities really pushed me out of my comfort zone but man, was it worth it!!  (and I have the bruise from the Flo Rider to prove it!)

John, Matthew and I also did the zip line.  What a rush!!

Here's the video of me zip lining on the Allure.  Now, pay close attention to my foot in the video.  The guy on the stand kept telling me that I could go and I kept telling him that I needed a minute ...and then another minute...and then another....  It was hard getting past my fear to let go!

It really was a leap of faith to do this and I'm so glad I did!

Next, was John's turn.  See how much quicker he decides to go?  He just lifted his feet and away he went!

Gotta get on all the gear so we can zip line!

When I say this trip was memorable, I really mean it!  Who can forget riding the Flo Rider and the Zip Line once you do it?   Both took lots of guts and I'm so excited to have experienced both on this trip!

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