Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stampin' Up! Cruise in Review - Walk-a-Thon

No matter where Stampin' Up! travels or what kinds of events they hold, Stampin' Up! always has a spirit of generosity.  They search out for ways to give.  I love that! 

When I traveled last September to St. George, Utah with Stampin' Up!, I saw (and played at) the park they had built for the community.  It was a huge, beautiful park, too!  Complete with red rubber scraps under all the play equipment and how soft and squishy it was!.

When I traveled to Fiji, Stampin' Up! rallied the attendees to spend one of the vacation days to paint a local hospital as well as stamp and craft with kids in a local orphanage (and donate a ton of supplies to them!).

The giving continued on the cruise ship, too!  This year Stampin' Up! partnered with Mission of Hope Haiti to help build 3 houses.  This program is called "From Blue to Block".  Basically, the blue homes were always meant as temporary housing and guess what?  Many people in Haiti are still living in this blue homes  (Did you realize that the earthquake in Haiti was in 2010?) and Mission of Hope's goal is to move these families into permanent, block, housing.

So, on board the ship we participated in a Mission of Hope Walk and for each lap, the Shelli and Sterling Gardner foundation donated $1.50 towards this cause.  The goal was to raise at least $18,000 (enough to build 3 homes) and I'm happy to report that we did it!!

It was hot and humid but we kept going for a total of 10 laps each!  

Along the way, there were funny little signs.  This group of signs read "One lap to go or maybe 3, tonight's dessert can be guilt free!".

 Our walking group! 

This was Matthew's personal cheerleader!  Every time he felt like quitting, he'd head inside to the cool air and she would say to him, "Are you sure you can't give me one more?".  And, the next thing I'd know he'd come back and join us to run another lap!  He ended up doing 5 laps!  Thank you to our personal cheerleader!  

We did it!! 

Thank you Stampin' Up! for your generosity!  What an example for me and my family to follow! 

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