Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inspire. Create. Share. Stampin' Up! Convention 2014

The hardest part, for me, when coming home from Convention is trying to create blog posts that share and convey the excitement and energy I felt while I was there.  There are also so many ideas and sometimes I just don't know where to start.

So, I decided I would do several posts entitled "A Few of My Favorite Things" (from convention, of course).  That way, I can focus on a couple things at a time and not overwhelm you (or myself).

This being the first post, I have to start with the friendships!  Over the years of attending convention (I think 6 total!), I have met so many amazing and creative people and I love knowing that I'll see them at least once a year at convention.

Let me introduce you to my friend, Genevieve.  She and I met at Founder's Circle last year and we became instant friends!  This past May we even went on the Stampin' Up! cruise together (with my family and her daughter) and not only did our daughters become fast friends, they are also now long distance pen pals!  Love that!

Can you tell what our goal is for this next year?  During convention, Stampin' Up! announced that the next incentive trip will be a cruise to Spain, France and Italy!

Genevieve also gave me these little books as a gift (one for me and one for my daughter).  Too cute!  Thank you, Genevieve!

Next, I'd like to introduce my new friend, Laura!  Laura and I have been texting project ideas back and forth for months and we finally met during convention!

Laura also had a little gift for me - an adorable box with candies inside!  Isn't that the cutest?

I just love the way the box folds up and the lid keeps everything closed.  When the lid comes off, the box just springs open!  Thank you, Laura, for such an adorable little gift!

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to two ladies who are in my Stampin' Up! family tree somewhere.  (There's a lot of us to keep track of.)  Charity is in the middle and Mimi is on the right.  Both are amazing stampers and friends!  Seeing each other every year at convention is always fun!  (Charity and I both presented together during the same session!)

I guess my first 'favorite thing about convention' has to be the friendships.  Through our common interest in stamping, many friendships have been made!  And I'm looking forward to many more and new friendships to come!

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