Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stamping with the Team

What an amazing team I have! The Cowtown Crafters are an amazingly creative group and I'm so blessed to have them on my team! We got together this past Sunday to celebrate all their accomplishments and what a fun afternoon it was!

We started off our time together playing a game called "Me, Too". One person started with the ribbon and said something about themselves. For example, if someone said, "I enjoy gardening" then anyone else in the group who also enjoys gardening would say, "Me too" and the ribbon would be passed to them. 

Everyone took turns saying something about themselves and then passing the ribbon. We learned that not only are we connected in our passion of stamping, we'll also connected with others in so many different ways.

We enjoy laughing together!

Of course our afternoon wouldn't be complete without some stamping. We used the Thoughtful Branches stamp set to create some adorable cards! (Get all the details about the Thoughtful Branches bundle here - it's only available in August or while supplies last).

If you're interested in being a part of an energetic, supportive group of stampers then the Cowtown Crafters are for you!

Happy Stamping,

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