Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stampin' 101: Adhesives

When you flip through the catalog and see there are over 5 types of adhesive- I am sure you are wondering "When would I ever use all of these different types?"  Well, we will make it easier for you! To get started with card making and paper crafting, the two basic essential adhesives are:

 Anywhere Glue Sticks
SNAIL adhesive

Anywhere Glue Stick- Item Number: 104045
When I think of a glue stick, I think of the ones that are listed on my kids "School Supplies" lists. Believe me, this is NOT an Elmer's Glue stick! This is an incredibly strong glue. The Anywhere Glue stick has a rectangular shape so that it will cover all of the corners of your paper! I am not a fan of frayed edges- which is why I always use this particular adhesive!  (And with two glue sticks per pack for $3.95, it's a great value!)

One of the best features of this essential is that after you have glued something down, you have a few seconds to "re-position" it before the glue gets completely dry! There have been numerous times where this feature has been a lifesaver!


SNAIL Adhesive- Item Number: 104332
They call it SNAIL because it leaves behind a sticky trail! This adhesive is extremely easy to use and creates an instant permanent bond. It is refillable, so you don't have to continually buy new dispensers. I find myself using SNAIL every time I create something.  Simply run the adhesive along the back of the paper you're working on and stick in to place (you use it like those old correction tape dispensers - remember those??).

Ready to Stamp?  Browse the catalog for these and other products!

Ok Stampers:  Which adhesive do you prefer - glue stick or Snail?  Does it depend on the project?


  1. I always prefer the SNAIL adhesive. I'm just anti-glue stick. That's just my two cents though! Everyone has their own preferences. :-)

  2. I'm a SNAIL girl! It's so convenient and clean.

  3. Snail is a lot easier that's for sure! Glue stick helps when I have an odd shape that I'm trying to adhere. Thanks ladies for your feedback!