Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Stampers - Tip #5

Today's last tip in my Top 5 Tips for New Stampers is all about being in community! (I hope you're enjoying these tips - I know there aren't really many pictures to go along with these tips but I hope you're getting some good ideas at least!)

One of the best ways to learn new techniques, find inspiration and make new friends is by being a part of a stamping group. 

If you're in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I'd like to invite you to join in the stamping fun at one of my monthly stamp classes. I do everything from quick and simple cards, to different techniques and different fun fold  cards every month and guests are always welcome!  View my complete list of classes online here.

Another way to look for a stamping group is through Meet Up. Have you heard of this website before? Simply search what kind of group you're looking for and they'll let you know if there are any groups meeting in your area.  

If you don't find anything, don't be discouraged.  Start your own group! Gather your friends together and just enjoy a night of playing with stamps, ink and paper.  You'll learn so much more by gathering with others.  Find a video tutorial online, gather with your friends and try it out! The key is just being together!

Here's a quick recap of my Top 5 Tips for New Stampers:

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. Make More Than One Card at a Time
  3. Sizing of Mat
  4. Don't Get Discouraged
  5. Be a Part of a Stamping Community
I hope these tips have helped you get motivated to start stamping and try creating new things (even just a little bit!).  

I'm proud of my friend Brenda for not throwing in the towel. Even though her first card took longer than she would have liked (get her story here), I know the more she stamps and follows these tips, it will become easier and easier to design, stamp and create!

Would you like to see the card she made?  She did such a great job!

Thank you Brenda for letting me share it!

Do you have any tips for first-time stampers?  Or are you a new stamper and can relate to Brenda's story?  I would love to hear your feedback!

Happy Stamping,

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  1. Thank you for providing these great tips & inspiration! While I have been a paper crafter for several years my stamping has never been that great. I appreciate the encouragement & inspiration you share with others. I think Brenda did a great job on this card! Thank you for sharing it!